look and feel your lightest eating (a lot of) tasty food

1. Eat More Food!

Portion control is so last century, sustainable weight loss is about eating a lot – of the right foods! 

Low energy, high nutrient foods – vegetables, fruit, starchy vegetables, whole grains, and legumes – are key to weight loss (check out master dietitian Jeff Novick’s calorie density talk on YouTube if you want to know why)

Following our ‘traffic light‘ system, eat as much and as often as you like – so long as it’s in the green (a little ‘orange’ is fine every now and then!)

2. Break up with ‘red’ foods

You’re better off without them. Resist high energy plant-based foods for now: tofu, avocado, coconut, and nuts and seeds. We know you were never that crazy about tofu anyhow.

Don’t mess with any oils! Sorry olive. Not so sorry coconut. Learn to cook without oil, and learn to love foods that don’t contain oils as an ingredient (check out our zesty foods list)

The longer you do this, the more your tastebuds will change. You’ll miss these foods less and less and find ways to make tasty meals without them . If you’re not sure about a food, you can use The Foodinator to background check it.

3. Remember – ‘It’s the Food’

This works… Food is 99.9% of weight loss. Just focus on your food, to make sure you get it right.

Exercise is great for fitness but not great for weight loss. Skip the gym if you need to so you can get your food (and sleep) sorted. In order of priority for weight loss: eat > sleep > gym.

Trust the process, and only check your weight a few times a week to convince yourself. Expect 0.5-1kg of healthy weight loss a week (often more when you get started).


The 3 steps above will work for you if you put them into practice. We promise. 

If you need more support or individualised advice, you can book a consultation with Dr Luke.

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