Vitamin B12 and Plant-Based Diets 

Fuchsia Goldsmith is a plant-based/vegan dietitian and New Zealand Lead Dietitian for Doctors for Nutrition. She runs her own consultations through her website Feed Nutrition.  We caught up with her recently to discuss the importance of vitamin B12 for plant-based diets.

If you’re plant-based and not sure what to do when it comes to vitamin B12 and supplementation then check out our conversation!

We cover:

✅ What is vitamin B12?

✅ Why is it important?

✅ Who is at risk of deficiency?

✅ What does deficiency look like?

✅ How do you know if you’re getting enough?

✅ Who should take a supplement?

✅ Which supplement should you take?

✅ How can you support your supplements through your diet?

If you have other questions that we didn’t have time to cover this time, then just get in touch 🙂

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