The Foodinator!
know your food.
Invented (with knowledge from rock-star dietitian Jeff Novick), The Foodinator will help you decide whether a food is great, ok’ish, or just not worth dealing with.

Due to a little arrangement food companies have with alternate reality, the nutrition information provided on the back of the products they’re selling to you are next-to-useless.

Until now.

Meet the Foodinator.

The Foodinator turns Nutrition Labels on their heads – now you’re in control.

Chuck those otherwise quite meaningless and ornamental numbers in, and the Foodinator will give the straight-up, no bull, no-holds-barred, no punches pulled, final verdict on whatever foodstuff you might happen to have in your hands at that moment.

Whether the Foodinator provides you with good news or bad news about a particular food product, please let us know, and we’ll add it to our ‘Previously Foodinated’ list. If it’s super-awesome, we may just even add it to our ‘Foodinator Hall of Fame’! Either way, it’ll help us bring out an even zestier version of the Foodinator in the future.


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If your 'Un-labelled Fat Percentage' result was 0% - 19%, then this peels a Banana that is...


(0% – 19%)

Green LightHoly superfood Batman!

If you enjoyed this whole-foods, plant-based kai, then keep it comin’!

This is what’s known as the 2zb

‘sweet spot’.

Eat as much as you want, whenever you like.

Nice one Stu.

If your 'Un-labelled Fat Percentage' result was 20% - 24%, then this peels a Banana that is...


(20% – 24%)

WarningAll good bro.

But save eating the food in this percentage range for the one-offs; special occasions, epochs, celebrations, epiphanies, revelations or maybe just because you feel like it.

The point being that foods in the yellow shouldn’t be your day-to-day tucker – this is border-line sustenance – stuff that tastes good, but does so at the expense of feeling your best.

Consider yourself warned; you have been given the yellow card.

According to Wikipedia, in Auto Racing, the yellow flag means the following:

“The solid yellow flag, or caution flag, universally requires drivers (2zb analogy) to slow down (2zb analogy) due to a hazard (2zb analogy) on the track (2zb analogy), typically an accident (2zb analogy), a stopped car (2zb analogy), debris (2zb analogy) or light rain (2zb analogy). However, the procedures for displaying the yellow flag vary for different racing styles (2zb analogy) and sanctioning bodies (no 2zb pun intended).”
If your 'Un-labelled Fat Percentage' result was 25% or over, then this peels a Banana that is...




“Do not pass go/collect $200” – Monopoly

“You shall not pass” – Gandalf

“Stop in the name of love” – The Supremes

Anyhoo, you get the picture.

You got better things to do than eat this 25%+ fatty food.

Aside from a sprinkle of nuts or the occasional decadent guacamole, nature just doesn’t do fat like that.

Keep it whole; keep it plant-based; keep it under 25.

Red’s been put to bed.

Zed’s dead.

Nuff said.


  • Ideally, try to find products where the amount of sodium in mgs is similar to, or lower than the calories, or about 25% or less of the kilojoules.


  • Ingredients are listed in descending order of quantity, so if an added sugar is first, you know you’re essentially looking at candy. If it’s in the top three, it’s still probably not the best. The further down the list, the better.

Whole Grains

  • If you want to enjoy more whole grains, check the ingredients list to make sure the word ‘whole’ is used to describe the grain e.g. ‘whole wheat’. Other approved descriptions may include ‘rolled’, ‘stone ground’, ‘cracked’, or ‘sprouted’.

Green (0-19%)

Kellogg’s Nutrigrain (<1%)

Broccoli (1%)

Buontempone Buon Appetito Gluten and Wheat Free Pasta – Spirals (2%)

Italian Minestrone Soup (6%)

Artisano Hearty Minestrone Soup (7%)

Pitango Organic Minestrone Soup (7%)

Eatwell Vegetable Sausages Tomato, Onion & Basil (8%)

Uncle Ben’s Mushroom Rice (10%)

Good Taste Garden Vegetable Soup (12%)

Popcorn (12%)

Pitango Super Greens Soup (13%)

Pam’s Rice Crackers (15%)

Harraway’s Scotch Oats (17%)

Harraway’s Wholegrain Oats (17%)

Peckish Rice Crackers (17%)

Uncle Ben’s Chinese Style Brown Rice (17%)

Oat Bread (19%)

Yellow (20-24%)

Turkish Kitchen Kumara & Lentil with Roasted Pumpkin Hummus (21%)

Griffin’s Gingernuts (21%)

Red (25%+)

Vitasoy Oat Milk (25%)

Ruby Rocket’s Far Out Fudge Pop (26%)

Kingland Mango & Peach Soy Yoghurt (29%)

Nairn’s Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits (29%)

Peckish Rice Crisps (29%)

Naked Kitchen Mexican Black Bean Chilli (32%)

Vogel’s Luxury Cafe Muesli (33%)

Sanitarium Toasted Muesli with Nuts & Seeds (35%)

Wheaten Biscuits (38%)

Milk Chocolate M&Ms (38%)

Brown Rice Chips (41%)

Ice Cream (41%)

Tempeh (42%)

Ceres Raw Food Bar (44%)

Just Hummus Beetroot & Roast Garlic (45%)

Just Hummus Garlic & Lemon (45%)

Good Taste Co. Black Bean and Beetroot Dip (47%)

Wishbone Kumara & Butterbean Wrap (47%)

Fried Shallots (47%)

Greater! Hummus (48%)

Whittaker’s Chocolate (48%)

Sanitarium So Good Almond Coconut Milk (49%)

Impossible Burger (51%)

Sizzlers Double Cheese (59%)

Schoc Chocolates Chili (60%)

Fairtrade Chocolate 70% Cocoa Salt Toffee Crisp (63%)

Lisa’s Gloriously Garlic Humus (71%)

Waimata Blue Brie (72%)

Lisa’s Gluten Free Aubergine & Cashew with Coriander & Lime Dip (77%)

Vitasoy Unsweetened Almond Milk (77%)

Coconut Milk (96%)

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