Burger to the Future!

While the genesis of the almighty hamburger is shrouded in mystery (with no less than six candidates claiming to be its originator), its evolutionary future is not. No longer are you condemned to getting your veggie burger fix from an establishment whose primary patrons don suspect dreadlocks and a far-too-portable bongo drum under each arm.

The plant-based burger business is booming and it’s never been a better time to rediscover the big wide world of meat-free tech on offer.

Here’s just a taste of the latest plant-based burger buzz:

The Impossible Burger: the US-based startup, Impossible Foods, backed by Bill Gates and Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone raised $108 million to develop the ultimate plant-based cheeseburger. It is scheduled for release in 2016

The Beast Burger: this plant-based burger was developed and is being successfully distributed throughout the US by the company Beyond Meat, who recently added Don Thompson, former CEO of McDonalds to their board of advisors.

The Superiority Burger: touted by GQ as the Best Burger of 2015, this completely meat-free winner was developed out of the New York burger bar of the same name by chef Brooks Headley.

Wendy’s is currently testing a black bean burger, White Castle (the OG burger chain) added a veggie-burger as a permanent menu item in March 2015, and even Burger King has introduced several plant-based burgers to their menu internationally.

Nowadays, any self-respecting burger joint needs to offer a plant-based option.

Forget the McWhatever – the 21st Century has arrived!

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