two zesty bananas is dedicated to transforming the way you physically look and feel through whole plant-based food.

others do diet – we do lifestyle.


two zesty bananas is headed by registered medical doctor Luke Wilson, one of New Zealand’s foremost experts on whole plant-based foods, and was founded along with Dr Mathew Hobbs.

this site is science-based, backed by peer-reviewed research, and updated as our knowledge of whole plant-based food continues to evolve.

count on it.


although a whole food plant-based lifestyle is similar to being ‘vegan’, there are some very important distinctions, both food-wise, and philosophically.

for example, two zesty bananas does not promote an “all or nothing” approach.

we believe if you focus on your own wellbeing, those around you will benefit naturally. simple – no strings attached.


two zesty bananas knows that a huge proportion of our environmental problems are linked to our food choices.

find out why a whole food plant-based lifestyle is not only the best thing you can do for yourself, but the biggest contribution you can make to the health of our planet.


two zesty bananas is committed to keeping you motivated and inspired along your whole food plant-based journey with regularly updated all-original content including news, recipes, and information.


two zesty bananas knows that any big change can be a bit scary but it’s exactly these big changes that truly define who you are – new city, new friends, new job, new lifestyle, new relationship, new food, new you.

a whole foods plant-based lifestyle is just another part of your amazing journey.

jump on in, the water’s fine!


two zesty bananas knows that everybody loves good food but often great taste can’t make up for the way it makes you feel.

now you can have your cake and eat it too!

whole food plant-based recipes are delicious, make you feel great, and you can enjoy them as often as you want.


two zesty bananas believes that whole plant-based food is the future.

it is our professional medical and scientific conclusion that consuming them is the most powerful way to optimal human health and a better planet.

whether your goal is losing weight, boosting energy-levels, lowering your carbon footprint, animal welfare, or simply saving a bit of money and time, you’ve definitely come to the right place.


the thing about whole plant-based foods is that they’ve been right under your nose the entire time – plentiful, convenient, delicious, and perfectly designed for the human body.

if you bring your enthusiasm, we can provide you with all the knowledge and tools required to be able to easily identify incredible food with amazing benefits.


two zesty bananas can’t count the number of times someone’s said to us “I could never give up cheese” or “there’s no way I’m eating lentils and tofu every day!” or “what the heck am I going to eat?”

we wish we could say these are valid concerns but they’re not.

cheese fades away and you certainly don’t have to touch lentils and tofu if you don’t want to – ever!

we prefer burgers and pasta and wedges and burritos and hummus and curries and pizza.

don’t worry, the food is awesome!


two zesty bananas knows that exercise has a lot of amazing benefits including cardiovascular health, stress relief and good old-fashioned fun, but effective weight loss is NOT one of them.

the most effective way to enjoy easy long-term weight loss is through adopting a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.


two zesty bananas would love to be your guide and support through this amazing whole food plant-based journey and transformaton.

it’s what we do.

subscribe to our newsletter, join us on social, flick us an email, call us, or even make an appointment – no paparazzi though please 😉


two zesty bananas knows that at heart, we’re all animal lovers and if given the right knowledge and tools, will always make the choice that has the most positive and gentle impact on our fellow creatures inhabiting this planet.

call us idealistic – we don’t mind 🙂


a whole food plant-based lifestyle no longer means an unusual or alternative lifestyle.

in fact, a whole food plant-based lifestyle has never been easier.

celebrities, athletes, artists and intellectuals have all jumped on board the plant-based bandwagon.

now it’s your turn to try a taste of what the cool kids have been cooking.


Leo DiCaprio recently won the best actor Oscar and at the end of his acceptance speech, made a plea to the world regarding climate change.

he also recently executive produced Cowsipracy, a documentary about animal agriculture and the world’s transition to a whole plant-based foods.

there’s so much great media available now that’s not only eye-opening and educational, but totally inspirational.

once you truly understand the power of whole plant-based food, you’ll realise that when you transform yourself, you can transform the planet without even trying – how’s that for a win-win?!


let’s face it, some of us are picky eaters and some foods don’t agree with us.

make no mistake – when it comes to flavour and selection, whole plant-based foods are practically limitless.

not only that, when your new favourite foods become whole and plant-based, you can eat as much of them as you want and look and feel your best while doing it!


what will my friends and family think of my new whole foods plant-based lifestyle?

well if they’re your real friends they’ll support you.

as for your family, well… they’re stuck with you, and you’re stuck with them.

look at it this way – most people are too busy worrying about their own lives, and often, when they see someone else making positive changes and getting fantastic results, this ends up inspiring them to do the same!


the foodinator is two zesty bananas’ secret weapon.

have a look but don’t be suprised if its functions are a little bit confusing though right now.

however, once you complete the 21st Century Food Course and find out a little more about the whole foods plant-based lifestyle, we have to warn you that you may just find the foodinator so darn addictive that you can’t go grocery-shopping without it open on your mobile.


the longer you live the whole food plant based lifestyle, the better it gets.

although the initial physical changes can be quite dramatic, the bigger picture is what we hope you will eventually find to be the much deeper reward.

if your goal is not just about yourself, but your fellow animals, the planet, and future generations to come, then a whole plant-based lifestyle is definitely for you.


with the advent of the internet, it seems everyone has a diet and everyone’s an expert when it comes to food and nutrition, but the reality is that power-googling, writing a food blog, and reading a few books does not qualify you as a health professional.

Dr. Luke Wilson and Dr. Mathew Hobbs, the founders of two zesty bananas are registered medical doctors who have arrived at their advocacy of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle by studying sound peer-reviewed science and research for over six years, in both theory and practice.

food is not a fad.

with a whole foods plant-based diet, there are no calories to count, no supplements to buy, and no portions to control.

in the end, all that looking good and feeling great comes down to is gaining the correct knowledge about your food and making the right choices.

our role is to enable you to acquire that knowledge and make those choices in a fun and easy way!

keep it zesty!

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